California Has A Weed Problem

Acccording to the Los Angeles Times, growers in California's marijuana industry are producing eight to twelve times more product than is necessary to satisfy in state demand for that dank skunky shit.1) At the present KKKalifornia law allows for the possession of one ounce of marijuana per person in the state at any given time, but marijuana producers who have sought KKKalifornia state licensing will be banned from exporting any marijuana come January 1st 2018.

This is a great boon to "outlaw" producers with the foresight to avoid KKKalifornia's regulated market in spite of tremendous social engineering pressures arrayed to tempt them to surrender to the criminal KKKalifornian regime. Who could have forseen that a plant nicknamed "weed" would grow like one?

  1. For typical usage patterns consider this piece. (archived 

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