Bitcoin Network Difficulty Spiked ~13.53% This Week

This week a Bitcoin network difficulty adjustment took the mining difficulty from 708659466230.33203125 to 804525194568.13183594 for an increase of approximately 13.52 percent. This is an all time high mining difficulty, and it comes on the heel of last adjustment's ~0.43 percent drop to the the then second and now third highest mining difficult in the history of Bitcoin so far.

One thought on “Bitcoin Network Difficulty Spiked ~13.53% This Week

  1. centralized hashrate, so who fucking cares? every time there's a new record, it just means jihan (PBOC) has expanded his monopoly. should have changed POW algo and other stuff to avoid mining centralization when it was not a massive problem to do so. now you got to deal with a potential hardfork backed by an huge amount of hashrate because few actors control the hashrate and the fewer actors the easier it is to bribe the hashrate into your agenda (the segwit2x bullshit, with jeff garzik's blockchain analysis bloq company seed as a gift). xt, classic and the rest are different from this time. i hope you can stop this but i dont see how. dump your coins on the fork chain and crash the price… so what? they print more fiat and buy that shit up recovering the price.

    looks like by next year we'll have 2 bitcoins worth 3 figures because we are crashing hard, and they'll buy all the exchanges to list their fork as BTC, and when all fiat gateways go to their BTC then you explain to me how the real BTC isnt fucked in terms of future growth.

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