American Student Investor Lynched In Greece

Bakari Henderson, a twenty two year old American student visiting Greece on business was lynched to death by a mob. Two ethnically Balkan employees of a bar where Henderson had been drinking were charged with homicide by local authorities while eight individuals of undisclosed ethnic backgrounds are undergoing continued questioning in relation to this lynching.

There have been no credible reports yet of Black Lives Matter or Rebel But Gangster Black Rebels activity in Greece as a response to this lynching.

One thought on “American Student Investor Lynched In Greece

  1. Doncha know BlaKKK Lives Matter only responds to simple shooting where they can single out just ONE peckerwood for a mock lynching. Confront an actual group or community engaged in real lynching? Oh lawdy no sista! No way Black Lives Matter is confronting these weird swarthy olive munching species of peckerwood.

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