A Quick FAQ About The Not Bitcoin fork "Bitcoin Cash"

Q: Is "Bitcoin Cash" Bitcoin?

A: No

Q: What does Roger Ver presents "Bitcoin.com"'s backing mean?

A: It's even more likely to fail in the vein of XTCoin, ClassicCoin, and Unlimited Spam Coin which were all Roger Ver-ified scams. The "Roger Ver-ified" endorsement is a leper's mark.

Q: But "Bitcoin Cash" futures appear to be trading very high? How could this be?

A: Wash trading. No one with any money that counts is sending it to the only malarial (falciparum) "exchange" trading such an instrument.

Q: Why did they use Wix.com to build a website?

A: Probably because their television viewing overlaps with the middle aged woman "small businessing" demographic that Wix.com advertises to. Also they pre-emptively hate their users.

Q: Are you sorry?

A: Only for your loss.

15 thoughts on “A Quick FAQ About The Not Bitcoin fork "Bitcoin Cash"

  1. Stick it is his pooper Murica Popescu, show {{{Ver}}} how good it feels!

  2. Why would Qntra hate Bitcoin Cash? I thought Segregated Witness was the ultimate evil.

  3. So what are you going to do in october-november-december when 80%+ of the hashrate hardforks into GarzikCoin aka segwit2x?

    • You know, this dumbass question recurs with the frequency of an imbecile mind : "oh, what are you going to do at time X when 80% of Bitcoin will someghow grow legs and run away from the republic ???".

      Bitch. Get the fuck lost. You don't matter.

      Every fucking six weeks with this, "Oh, but what if we do ???". No, you don't. "But in the future…." You have no fucking future.

      • Golly Gee Whizz!!! Doncha see there IS a future, and it's IN his butt. Smells african too. REAL AFRICA FUTURE 2008!!!

        Change you can feel.

        Real deep.

  4. Perfect! :D

  5. Looks like Ver/Jihan is pumping BCash again.

  6. Why did you allow Not Bitcoin to live while having opportunity to kill it?

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