Fake News Organizations Begin Bleeding, Showing Fatigue

The sustained assault on elected United States President Donald Trump by the leftist Fake News media is beginning to take its toll on the assailants. Major television Fake News outlet CNN institute executive level review of stories concerning Russian fake news after a fake news story attacked a protected member of the establishment.

Meanwhile the Fake Lady, the New York Times, is being sued for defamation by former Alaska governor and US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin (archived). In order to deflect from their role in inciting political violence, the paper resurrected a long debunked claim they originally made 6 years ago blaming Sarah Palin's political activities for inciting the violence they actually incited. The long delay between the claim's debunking and its resurrection all but ensures a court ordered redistribution of wealth from the New York Times to Sarah Palin.

While the Fake News standard bearers are depleting their resources, Trump appointees are beginning to have an impact in their new jobs.

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