Comey Sexually Intimidated By Trump

Synchronized editorials from the New York Times and Los Angeles Times both allege that fired FBI director James 'J. Edgar' Comey was sexually intimidated by President Trump. The two pantsuit aligned fake news outlets purport to have independently come to the conclusion that the six foot eight inch tall1 career "law enforcement" professional could not resist Trump's orders while on the job, because he felt sexually dominated by the septuagenarian president.

Years of KGB social engineering failed to feminize Comey's predecessor J. Edgar Hoover in the popular imagination to the extent his own purported testimony and his media allies have emasculated J. Edgar Comey on the record.

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4 thoughts on “Comey Sexually Intimidated By Trump

  1. metre

  2. Good 'ol Preet couldn't let Comey have the limelight, had to feel uncomfortable too:

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