USG Asset Gavin Andresen Pretends To Meaningfully Inspect Your Random

The erstwhile USG asset and part time mongoloid Gavin Andresen (most notable for being the trumpeted winner that lost a meanwhile unhappened contest) has put pen to paper in a most recent and most amusing assault on sanity and general human decency :

This offering purports to judge the randomness of 64 bytes of data qua bytes of data. What more could be said?

4 thoughts on “USG Asset Gavin Andresen Pretends To Meaningfully Inspect Your Random

  1. I feel confident that these inspections will pass the same thoroughness that Gavin used when verifying the signature of Satoshi from Bitcoin's Genesis block.

  2. > What more could be said?

    Perhaps this : quit your fucking airs and follow the experts.

    • > The very idea of digital electronics revolves around … creating maximally deterministic automata

      Common misconception. Digital VLSI aspires to two-valued bifurcation along only the value (voltage, usually) axis.

      Time is left as continuous, uncountable, or non-effective as the underlying substrate of reality.

      For clarity: have some micropipelines.

  3. > What more could be said?


    …. obviously.

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