Pantsuit Macaroon Takes French Presidency Amid Widespread Ballot Destruction Allegations

Pantsuit Party loyalist and nursing home pick up artist Emmanuel Macron has been declared the winner of the French presidential election. Fake news outlets were swift to declare the Pantsuit candidate's victory after polls closed. The actual will of the French people remains uncertain amid widespread allegations that Pantsuit Party loyalists adopted the winning strategy of manipulating the election results by destroying ballots marked in favor of moderate centerist Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

4 thoughts on “Pantsuit Macaroon Takes French Presidency Amid Widespread Ballot Destruction Allegations

  1. Like Stalin said, the people who count the votes….

  2. The epitome of BB's ridiculous posturing.

    Not only France has very little voting machines compared to the US, otherwise counting is done in public by citizens with transparent urns. How do you even cheat when a candidate has a 30% advance?

    But hey, that's Americans for you: supporting the Marxist candidate (Le Pen) because they only see a few surface elements they like.

    Macron won the presidency on the first turn; everyone in France knew that. Thanks for betting on Le Pen though, I'll enjoy your coins!

    • Two little croissant nigger sitting in a tree, Then comes the A-Rhab-Bee, Bee Bee
      First comes immigration, then comes Caliphate, Then comes Islamic State Sex Slavery!

    • I don't think anyone in France, the US, or anywhere else (with the possible exception of places like Congo or Gabon) even jokingly imagines a Frenchman could be qualified or capable for any job whatsoever. That they're mocking the Macaroon is pure happenstance — he happened to "win".

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