Lazy Wreckers Actually Dare To Name Their Thing "EtherDoge"

A new token launching soon on the Ethereum database, dubbed "EtherDoge", will attempt to combine forces of the forces of twin scams of Ether and Doge to liberate US 1 Million from the pockets and couch cushions of gullible redditards by combining "the fun of Doge and the technology of Ethereum into one". A companion subreddit, r/etherdoge, was launched almost a month ago1 and currently ticks a paltry 75 subscribers. No date has been announced for the start of the crowdsale, though the official website located at promises "So future many wow!" for anyone buying the tokens. The scheme is apparently one of the endless schemes predicted to surface when Dogetipbot scam ended last month.

  1. Related or not, alt-Soros Zbigniew Brzezinski fucked off out of the world of the living earlier this week.  

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