Fiat Wraps Up Miserable May As Malaise Reaches New Lows

The period of sustained malaise which hit fiat currencies this year continues to take it's toll with the United States dollar spending much of May under 1/2000th of a Bitcoin. New all time lows for the dollar threatened to cross 1/3000th of a Bitcoin, but they did cross the 1/2800th mark more than doubling the dollar's pre-2017 low mark. At present fiat/Bitcoin interfaces are sitting around a ~1/2200th of a Bitcoin price for the US dollar, a mark unheard of before this May. Sorry for your loss.

14 thoughts on “Fiat Wraps Up Miserable May As Malaise Reaches New Lows

  1. If Jihad Wu and Roger Ver hard fork, it may not look as nice.

    Whales must dump all legacy coins for BIP148 coins in order to destroy the covert ASICBOOST exploit and checkmate miners into mining BIP148 chain or else risk getting reorg'd.

    The balance must go somewhere, the delusion of a perpetual stalemate is over, and anyone with a sane mind and a lot of money invested into bitcoin and without a gov agenda, will go for BIP148, or else get ready to see bitcoin HF'ed and developed by Jihan Wu lobbyists.

    • You do know that the BIP148ers are just a different camp of government shitgnomes trying to enact a coup against Bitcoin?

      • Citation needed.

        Im running a BIP148 node and im mining BIP148 blocks, I can guarantee you that im not part of any government.

        This is the current situation:

        You have 2 options:

        1) Support BIP148 and fix the covert ASICBOOST exploit
        2) Continue being Jihan Wu's cuck in PBOC-chain

        What are you going to do?

        • We are going to deeply care about your inane shit. Really.

          • I would like to know why im doing the wrong thing by supporting BIP148.

            I don't like the whole situation, I know it's rushed, but after looking at the game-theory dynamics im forced to take a stance, because im caught up within those game-theory dynamics.

            The NYC frankensegwit agreement is obviously a disaster, they are trying to remove Core devs and replace them with Jihan Wu-bribed developers. They have 80%+ of the hashrate. Some may doubt this, but I believe Bitmain-PBOC has the resources.
            They are trying to hard fork with a completely different developer team with 80% of the hashrate.
            Bitmain has enough money to bribe all major exchanges and services into running that software and officially turning BTC into the segwit2x thing while removing all Core devs in the process.

            There will be some infighting from people that want BUcoin and not segwit2x but I fear ultimately they will reach an agreement. Bitmain will keep the covert-ASICBOOST exploit further increasing its monopoly in both scenarios since the 2MB+segwit HF does not remove it (segwit needs to be deployed with a SF to kill covert-ASICBOOST, which is why they will not support anything that enables segwit with a SF)

            BIP149 is too far away, they will gain support in the meantime. As the fees grow, their propaganda machine will be exponentially effective.

            Doing nothing and just eat popcorn while this unfolds, to my conclusion, only leads to that happening (that the Jihan-Ver camp hardforks and take Core devs out of the picture in the process).

            Which ultimately leads me to believe im literally forced to support BIP148.

            Im just a hodler scared at what appears to be an up and coming clusterfuck. I have no agenda other than to secure my investment, it's as simple as that, so im willing to correct my reasoning if you can explain how im wrong.

          • Who is Sam? Nice writing anyway, you should make a book.
            I was told whales post on this site on IRC and just wanted to ask what whales think of the UASF148/NYC/whatever situation and what are they going to do in the following months because im worried for the first time ever about my investment. I just wanted to learn as a bitcoin supporter and holder on your views but you guys seem mean to me.

  2. Well, perhaps the solution is neither Ver-ism nor BIP148?

    • If the solution is not Ver-ism nor BIP148 then what is it?

      • The Real Bitcoin. AKA "keep your greasy hands off, or pull back bloody stumps."

        • Does "The Real Bitcoin" include covert ASICBOOST? How do you expect to fix it without segwit softfork?

          Does "The Real Bitcoin" include the eventual addition of lightning networks?

        • i like the idea of the real bitcoin but how does running that software which barely no one runs protect you from the up and coming mess that will crash the bitcoin price?

          80%+ of miners are about to hardfork into the segwit2x mess developed by jeff garzik unless something changes soon

          even if i run the real bitcoin node, my bitcoins price are going to crash. you can try to isolate yourself with that software, but the price is subjected to whats going on outside.

          you also need exchanges to trade the tokens

          im sick of bitmain, ver, wright and all this bullshit. i dont give a fuck about core as long as they dont want to hardfork into nonsense.

          i hope tmsr can stop the hardfokers once again but i think you are underestimating the possibility of an actual hardfork this time, since i see no coverage at all of whats going on here or in MP's site.

          as a bitcoin holder im counting on you guys to kick forker ass when the time arrives.

          • 80%+ of miners are about to hardfork into the segwit2x mess developed by jeff garzik unless something changes soon

            See this ; and bear in mind you are a specific kind of imbecile.

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