Doge Doldrums Drum On

This weeks revelation that Dogecoin Tipbot creator Mohland stole all user funds from the service has resulted in shibes becoming a laughingstock across the wider internet, even on sites that formerly hailed the scam as "fun". Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer returned from the dead and made a reddit post where he outlines steps for the future to the ever-shrinking userbase, all the while never mentioning the outright theft that occurred. Dogecoin price has plummeted to 1/10th of a cent and ranks at #15 on, having fallen from its once prominent position on the site as a top 5 altcorn.

2 thoughts on “Doge Doldrums Drum On

  1. > as a top 5 altcorn

    Hereby professorially certified.

  2. DOGE had it's moment of fame when it briefly became a meme – then people saw through the meme to the joke underneath it (DOGE was originally founded as a DELIBERATE joke coin), the devs pretty much entirely abandoned interest in it, and the final nail in the coffin of DOGE turning into anything more than a joke ever again was when it was forced to go to being merge-mineable just to survive.

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