Cost Of Running Shitware Continues Bull Run To The Moon

A rash of ransomware attacks utilizing Microsoft exploits once exclusive to apparatus of USG oppression have crippled loyal shitware customers including the UK's socialized medical system, Fedex, and numerous banks. The rapidity with which the program known as WCry colonized Windows machines compelled Microsoft to issue security patches addressing this particular exploit for long unsupported products in an effort to stem the bleeding. The increasing effectiveness of ransomware attacks in concert with continued fiat currency malaise that threatens to take the US dollar below 1/2000th of a Bitcoin1 is driving the cost of continuing to run shitware for any purpose to the moon.

With many more exploits liberated from the cellars of the USG.NSA and USG.CIA, this front presents an incredible ongoing peril afflicting fiat interests that is unlikely to be relieved any time soon.2

  1. And beyond!!!  

  2. If ever.  

4 thoughts on “Cost Of Running Shitware Continues Bull Run To The Moon

  1. https://мвд.рф/news/item/10246388/
    Elbrus processors helped keep Interior Ministry servers secure

  2. The shadow borkers did not even pull a ransomware attack, it was a scareware. They threatened to encrypt drives in 7 days unless paid 1 Million bitcoins, I mean, $300 in bitcoin and bumping up $100 every hour until they got ignored. Instead the NHS IT smart guys told everyone to turn off their boxen. It was an SDOS, just ask them politely and they shut down the system. Next up, LOIC attack on the top three root servers. Maybe compromise the cisco boxen and make the timeout from 24 hours down to 1 sec. Imagine a billion boxs all asking the root for DNS. That would cause LOLZ and a full shutdown.

  3. *nm notbad

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