Post Production To Ransom To Torrent Pipeline Growing

A hacker known as `darkoverlord` released the entire upcoming season of the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” on Saturday after he said the network failed to meet his ransom demands, and threatens to release content pilfered from other studios that refuse his requests. Larson Studios, a post-production company for major television and movie studios in Los Angeles, is the apparent source of the breach and the hacker claims to be in possession of yet unreleased content from ABC, Fox, National Geographic and IFC. Reports indicate that the FBI had knowledge of the hacks as early as January, but in typical fashion did not notify the affected parties of their Sorry For Your Loss until about a month ago.

The attacker appears to be a very busy entity, having been named as the responsible party for a breach of the Indiana charity the Little Red Door Cancer Services. thedarkoverlord deleted all of the organizations main and backup servers and demanded a 50 BTC ransom to restore their data, which they were unable to pay. The moniker has also popped up on darknet website "TheRealDeal" where they attempted to sell healthcare and insurance information obtained in at least 3 other breaches for various prices denominated in Bitcoin.

The other affected television networks have declined comment regarding taunts made by the attacker on twitter. Netflix only responded so far as to say they were aware of the events and were placing their full trust in "Law Enforcement Authorities" to fix the situation.

3 thoughts on “Post Production To Ransom To Torrent Pipeline Growing

  1. 1.Information cannot be "pilfered", only _liberated_.
    2.The word "content" is for games, movies, music, etc. unworthy of the name, so not like it's anything valuable anyway.

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