First One Hundred Days Of The Eight Year Trumpreich: A Recap

One hundred days ago Donald Trump of the International Populist Party was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States much to the consternation of furries, the dependent poor, and their masters at the International Pantsuit Party. Swiftly after the inauguration leftists began issuing calls for political violence while Donald Trump left into action working to summon The Great Again. The calls for violence were swiflty met with delivered violence on the part of so-called 'antifa' activists.

The first major obstruction facing The Great Again swiftly revealed itself in the form of political appointees in the judiciary with a greater loyalty to pantsuit than their understanding of the law. The appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill the spot on the Supreme Court vacated by judicial hero Antonin Scalia appears to possibly contain this attack vector in the medium term. More serious problems to summoning The Great Again have instead revealed themselves among the subset of the dependent poor that fancies themselves the United States Congress.

The poor negotiating skills cultured through handouts to the derelicts masquerading as legislators has made interactions with them as people impossible. By contrast interactions involving economic actors have been more successful with Mexico and Canada seeking to renegotiate NAFTA following Trump following through with restored tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber.

Potential foreign policy trouble looms with the media organs of the pantsuit party discovered a behavioural vulnerability in Trump which they have managed to exploit once so far.

The recent unveiling of Trump's tax reform plan which favors the working poor over the dependent poor and special interests shows a potential turn towards The Great Again. There's no incredible hurry though with 2820 more days remaining of the Trump administration.

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