Post Production To Ransom To Torrent Pipeline Growing

A hacker known as `darkoverlord` released the entire upcoming season of the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” on Saturday after he said the network failed to meet his ransom demands, and threatens to release content pilfered from other studios that refuse his requests. Larson Studios, a post-production company for major television and movie studios in Los Angeles, is the apparent source of the breach and the hacker claims to be in possession of yet unreleased content from ABC, Fox, National Geographic and IFC. Reports indicate that the FBI had knowledge of the hacks as early as January, but in typical fashion did not notify the affected parties of their Sorry For Your Loss until about a month ago.

The attacker appears to be a very busy entity, having been named as the responsible party for a breach of the Indiana charity the Little Red Door Cancer Services. thedarkoverlord deleted all of the organizations main and backup servers and demanded a 50 BTC ransom to restore their data, which they were unable to pay. The moniker has also popped up on darknet website "TheRealDeal" where they attempted to sell healthcare and insurance information obtained in at least 3 other breaches for various prices denominated in Bitcoin.

The other affected television networks have declined comment regarding taunts made by the attacker on twitter. Netflix only responded so far as to say they were aware of the events and were placing their full trust in "Law Enforcement Authorities" to fix the situation.

Shinohai's Shitcoin Roundup Xtend(TM)(R): Antbleed, The Persistence of Winklevii, etc

Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain came under fire this week when it was revealed their firmware contained code that could remotely shut down customers mining equipment. The affected miners check in to a central server at a random interval (between 1- 11 minutes) and transmits the miner serial number, MAC address and IP address. The Antbleed site stated that “Even without Bitmain being malicious, the API is unauthenticated and would allow any MITM, DNS or domain hijack to shutdown Antminers globally.” This is the second scandal to affect Bitmain in recent weeks since Greg Maxwell revealed the company had been using "ASICboost" to give themselves an unfair mining advantage of up to 20% over their customers.

The United States Security and Exchange Commission granted the Winklevii another review of their Bitcoin ETF, which was denied during it's first review.

Police in Mumbai arrested 18 individuals involved in the MLM altcorn Onecoin, and seized four bank accounts totaling $2.6 million USD.

Juan Benet (WOT: nonperson) announced he is working on vaporware called "Interplanetary File System" or IPFS which he hopes will allow users of such flaming-tires-in-shitpits as Ethereum and Zcash to access their scamcoins from one convenient location. (archived)

First One Hundred Days Of The Eight Year Trumpreich: A Recap

One hundred days ago Donald Trump of the International Populist Party was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States much to the consternation of furries, the dependent poor, and their masters at the International Pantsuit Party. Swiftly after the inauguration leftists began issuing calls for political violence while Donald Trump left into action working to summon The Great Again. The calls for violence were swiflty met with delivered violence on the part of so-called 'antifa' activists.

The first major obstruction facing The Great Again swiftly revealed itself in the form of political appointees in the judiciary with a greater loyalty to pantsuit than their understanding of the law. The appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill the spot on the Supreme Court vacated by judicial hero Antonin Scalia appears to possibly contain this attack vector in the medium term. More serious problems to summoning The Great Again have instead revealed themselves among the subset of the dependent poor that fancies themselves the United States Congress.

The poor negotiating skills cultured through handouts to the derelicts masquerading as legislators has made interactions with them as people impossible. By contrast interactions involving economic actors have been more successful with Mexico and Canada seeking to renegotiate NAFTA following Trump following through with restored tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber.

Potential foreign policy trouble looms with the media organs of the pantsuit party discovered a behavioural vulnerability in Trump which they have managed to exploit once so far.

The recent unveiling of Trump's tax reform plan which favors the working poor over the dependent poor and special interests shows a potential turn towards The Great Again. There's no incredible hurry though with 2820 more days remaining of the Trump administration.

Purdue University Bails Out Bezos Bezzle Bungle

Purdue University has acquired the liabilities associated with Kaplan University's online credential issuing programs by paying a single dollar1 to Jeff Bezos' Graham Holdings.2 Purdue is a degree mill sponsored by the government of Indiana and headed by former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels. Information on any personal considerations given to agents allegedly acting on behalf of Purdue University in order to relieve Jeff Bezos balance sheet of this toxic asset while further paying for the fucking is unavailable at this time.

  1. too many  

  2. Formerly known as the Washington Post company  

Trump Unveils Plans For Massive Tax Cut Benefiting The Working Poor In US

United States President has begun closing his first hundred days in office by unveiling his tax simplification plan which primarily benefits low to middle income wage earners to much outrage from socialists as it favors the working poor over the dependent poor. Key points of the reform include a doubling of the standard deduction which would help to catch that figure up with the actual inflation of the United States dollar. It means a member of the working poor would have been able to earn up to $12,600 in 2017 before any of their income became taxable.

Trump's tax reform as unveiled also proposes an end to numerous special interest tax deductions targeted to the dependent "makework welfare" class preserving only the deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions.

Other assorted reforms include a reduction of personal income tax brackets from 7 to 3. On the business side a reduction of the business tax rate to 15%, and numerous simplifications would offer substantial relief to independent contractors and small business owners.

While these reforms proposed by Trump would offer an improvement to working Americans over what they face now, they are still a far cry from the enlightened tax policy of the sovereign, The Most Serene Republic.

G Inflation Continues In Fiat RF Allocation With Austin, Texas Getting Fifth G

AT&T has announced a "limited rollout" of their new vaporware 5G Evolution network for Samsung Galaxy S8 devices in Austin, Texas soon. The company, which is currently the second-largest mobile services provider in the United States, assures customers that speeds on the network will be "twice as fast" as their current 4G LTE network offerings though the fine print in their press release states that these are “forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ materially.” The announcement is likely a re-branding of their current 4G offerings created to foster competition with their main competitor Verizon Wireless, which outbid AT&T for a large portion of the 5G wireless spectrum in January. The goal is to have the non-existent network available in 20 metropolitan locations by the end of the year.

Echos Of The Great Again: France Pits Moderate Populist Against Hard Left Socialist In General Election

This weekend France conducted the first round of their presidential elections narrowing the field to moderate populist Marine Le Pen and hard left socialist Macron. Le Pen was identified  by Qntra as the favorite to become the next French president back in June of 2016. Macron on the other hand is a long time member of one of France's establishment socialist parties and has a pronounced sexual interest in the elderly. The French fake news media has been assisting Macron's campaign by ignoring his substantial record and fraudulently painting his campaign as outsider and populist. All candidates of France's established parties with a history of holding the presidency were shut out of the final round due to insufficient favorable ballots.

The final round of voting will take place on May 7th, 2017.

"Terror In Their Hearts" Syrian Refugees Settled In North Saint Louis Seek New Refugee Status Due To Neighbourhood Violence

This week Saint Louis radio station KMOX allegedly received a letter from Syrian refugees settled in North Saint Louis which they translated as stating the refugees had "terror in their hearts" following a home invasion. Further allegations per the radio station's aired portions of the translation include:

  • The locals who participated in the home invasion expressed interest in abducting their children.
  • When they go out in public pictures are taken of their children by the locals.
  • They are afraid to leave their home due to the ambient level of violence in the neighborhood.

KMOX radio host Charlie Brennan who presented the allegations in the letter has yet to publish the full letter in a legible venue, but local police dispute details including the fixation on the children as a cultural misunderstanding. The home invasion and extraordinary ambient level of violence however are in line with other reports from the North Saint Louis conflict zone. Brennan proposed resettling now double refugees in Ballwin, Missouri.

The Syrian refugees were resettled in the North Saint Louis conflict zone by the "International Institute of Saint Louis", an immigration and refugee settlement organization aligned with leftist political causes and located in the trendy, hip Tower Grove East neighborhood of Saint Louis City.

Plastc – Crowdfunded "Credit Card Of The Futures" Goes SFYL

Backers of fiat vaporware company Plastc are feeling the sting of a 9 Million USD Sorry For Your Loss after their pre-orders were abruptly cancelled this week when executives announced instead a shutdown and bankruptcy filing. The company, which once promised consumers one credit and debit card to rule all their various cards, lost two investment deals back-to-back, of $3.5 million and $6.75 million USD respectively and filed for US Bankruptcy protection on Thursday. All customer support personnel and social media managers have been laid off, leaving persons who pre-ordered no product and no avenue by which to find out when, if any, of their monies invested will be recouped. (archived)

Elon Musk Presents Tesla Motors Presents: Parking Brake Recall

Tesla Motors, an Elon Musk Production presents a recall of Model X minivans and Model S sedans over a parking brake manufacturing flaw which may lead the parking brake to fail to disengage. When this manufacturing flaw is realized the affected vehicle's parking brake engages and due to mechanical failures can not be disengaged without repairing broken components. As Tesla abandoned implementing parking pawls in their automatic transmissions following misadventures with the widely adopted technology in initial Roadster model, Tesla vehicles have relied on the parking brake alone to secure them in a stationary position.