Sears Running Out Of Things To Sell

Having sold their Craftsman brand of tools earlier this year, Sears Holdings is approaching the point where they may run out of things to sell. Vendors are scaling back their shipments of product, and it appears there is little bidder interest on other brand names owned by Sears.

4 thoughts on “Sears Running Out Of Things To Sell

  1. According to Business Insider (estimates excluded), the following chains are closing a bunch of stores:

    – RadioShack: 552
    – The Limited: 250
    – Family Christian: 240
    – Wet Seal: 171
    – Crocs: 160
    – JCPenny: 138
    – BCBG: 120
    – American Apparel: 110
    – Kmart: 108
    – hhgregg: 88
    – Staples: 70
    – CVS: 70
    – Macy's: 68
    – Abercrombie and Fitch: 60
    – Guess: 60
    – Sears: 42
    – Gander Mountain: 30

    Sorry for your retail carnage.

  2. Rat Shack has the honour of dying twice.

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