ZCash Sinks After Bug Induced Chain Fork

Zooko's ZCash suffered a severe setback today, initial reports calling it "chain fork" that occurred due to using an old version of the "anonymous" software. Zooko advised users to update to the latest release in order to avoid any potential problems, but "further analysis" of the bug would be released, likely to assure users the scam isn't collapsing prematurely as they try to figure out what happened. Prices on the bologna exchange Poloniex slid to $33 USD per coin, listed at #18 in the coinmarketcap.com ranking of scamcoins, dipping below even other obvious scams such as Steemit and Dogecoin. (archived)

2 thoughts on “ZCash Sinks After Bug Induced Chain Fork

  1. Zorry for Zour Zoss (and the bath salts)

  2. Who could've predicted this 13 months ago ? Who ??!

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