Shinohai's Saturday Shitcoin Roundup: "100 Million US dollars" And More!

Certain factions within the Chinese mining cartels threaten to spend $100 million USD1 to kill off any competition to Bitcoin Unlimited. The announcement was made by a previously unknown pool known as "BTC.TOP" which alleges to have 6.8% of global hashrate at time of this article.

Buttfinex users were elated that their "Hacker credit" token rose to a roughly 76 cent high, leaving some with hopes they might not get totally scammed after all. A twitter user by the name of "Bitcoin Nemesis" released an open letter on pastebin in which he claims to be the only person able to recover the missing funds, in addition promising the prosecution of the scammers running the show. The shadowy user further threatens to dump a list of "Bitcoin people" on the 15th "to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, to tax authorities."

Users of the scammer paradise btcjam reported withdraw errors on the platform earlier this week, leading redditards to speculate Mt. Gox 2.0 is imminent.

Venezuelan Fiat/Bitcoin interface SurBitcoin advised users to withdraw their balances after the company had it's account with Banesco shuttered for unknown reasons. No reason for the sudden halt in operations was given, though officials said they hoped to resume operations in roughly 2 weeks. Users were encouraged to use localbitcoins in the interim, which has been a popular platform in the South American communist haven to facilitate p2p trades.

The SEC published a notice “to solicit comments on the proposed rule change from interested persons” regarding Barry Shillbert's "Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT)" fund, which he hopes to trade on the NYSE.

  1. A figure notably denominated in the wrong kind of unit  

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