"Women's March" Alienating White Women With Platform

A planned "Women's March" to protest the inauguration of the United States President Elect has begun losing support among white women1 who had initially planned to attend. This trend has been praised by culturally Marxist fake news outlets including the Washington Post who embrace the divisive radicalism which has come to mark ideological opponents of the Great Again's summoning.

Meanwhile NBC News commentator2 Michael Eric Dyson3 is demanding that white Americans set up Individual Reparations Accounts for the purpose of directing a portion of their income to "Black" cultural institutions. Presumably these planned defined contribution reparations are to be made in addition to random reparations collections sanctioned by cultural Marxists.

In seven days Hussein Bahamas' term as United States president will expire according to the rules of the United States Constitution.

  1. A demographic that if the popular press is to believed was evenly split between presidential candidates this election cycle.  

  2. Sponsored by Georgetown University 

  3. Not to be confused with the fictional character responsible for creating Skynet in the Terminator film series.  

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