US Activist "News Aggregator" Begins Celebrating Political Violence

Alternet, a news aggregator serving US Leftists involved in activism, in one of their rare pieces of original1 content celebrated an act of political mob violence against a presumed right winger (archived). The piece's author Ben Norton (WOT:nonperson) spent 11 short paragraphs vilifying the "Bad Swastika Man" before gleefully noting later that the man was later beaten and robbed after he was confronted by protesters.

This attack glorified by the American left follows a vicious sucker punching attack on local right leaning personality Richard Spencer. In a piece titled "Do Punch Nazis", Ari Paul (WOT:nonperson) writing for the Observer described the attack as "self defense" and attempted to justify further violence against the socialist left's political enemies with the purpose of spreading fear.2

The losers, angry that Trump won the election on Hussein Bahamas message of change, appear to be priming their followers for further violence of the sort that previously peaked in the 1970's. Coincidentally Russian interference in US politics had also hit a peak at that time and previous decades' of shipping export grade cultural Marxism to local schools had primed that period's activists to pursue violent revolution.

In the intervening decades, after Reagan and crack cocaine handicapped the left's storm troopers, leader's of the US left's terrorist organizations become the countries political elite (Culminating in the recent Presidency of Hussein Bahamas. ))3 while Russia traded socialism for nationalism and became "great again".

The trend likely to continue into the next decade is need to elevate the threat posed by antifa and rogue government actors4 when considering physical security measures for persons physically present in the United States. State actors remain the primary adversary model for cryptographic and technological security.

  1. As opposed to syndicated content. Alternet mostly republishes content from Salon, Mother Jones, and other leftist outlets.  

  2. Which is notably the very definition of terrorism.  

  3. A subject that merits further investigation.  

  4. And after the shrinking of the bureaucracy former government actors.  

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