Trump To CNN Spammer: "You Are Fake News"

During a press conference on the measures he would take as President to divest himself of business related conflicts of interest by turning his business over to his adult sons and putting his remaining assets in a trust, United States President Elect Donald Trump was accosted by fake news reporters with salacious rumours.

The salacious rumors involve allegations the President Elect is being blackmailed over sexual perversions by Russia and were taken from a report prepared by a former British Intelligence official as opposition research for the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign. Reportedly a memo based on that report was presented to the President Elect as an example of disinformation, though the socialist leaning press is running with the report as Gospel.

Buzzfat published the allegations ahead of the press conference, after the allegations had apparently spent weeks circulating amongst the lamestream media who were all too chickenshit to pull the trigger on this wet dream of theirs. CNN immediately followed Buzzfat. By the end of the day the context for the allegations as sample disinformation had counterleaked and the liberal media's Chuck Todd was accusing Buzzfat boss Ben Smith of spreading fake news.

Thusly, the President Elect denied a spammer at CNN the chance to ask a question by saying:

You are fake news.

Pence in our time.

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