Trump Now President, Ushered In By A Show

The group of professional protestors/performance artists formerly known as OccupyWallStreet1 closed! shit! down! earlier today in Washington DC.

A few dozen part-time waitresses / aspiring journalists took their designated places, under the heavy burden of a large collection of entirely spurious chains borrowed from their more successful older brothers, in a sparse line that would have ostensibly prevented very large hippos from crossing, if particularly mild-mannered beasts could have been sourced somewhere. Fortunately for everyone involved no large herbivores attempted to cross, perhaps owing to the happenstance that the two designated entrances were to be found at a considerable distance away from the volunteer amateur stage.

The free entertainment effort comes in sheer contrast to the declared politics of the IPP. After the defeat of their favourite pantsuited clown various voices were heard all around the IPP crowd decrying the bonanza of "free coverage" President Trump enjoyed during the election while cajoling each other and simultaneously promising each other to do better in the future. In marked defiance of all those loud proclamations, the Pussygrabber in Chief now enjoys the dubious offices of untalented leftist "artists" on top of the unpaid labours of verbose leftisht hacks.

That the arrangement was evidently negotiated in advance does not seem to bother any of the involved niggers ; the serious problems their spineless behaviour poses to actually upset and utterly unrepresented demographics they pretend against all sense and evidence to represent do not apparently occur to any of them. Who exactly thinks that having blocked an "exit" the winning move is to stop there rather than block the other two ? Who other than the actors hired to "block" the "exit", of course.

Apparently spending one's life working in clown suits and coming out of cakes does affect the brain, all protestations of "it's just a gig, it's not my life" aside. Who could have predicted that "doing it ironically" is still doing it, and who could have imagined that when push comes to shove the legions of Bozo the Clown and Crystal Gail Mangums2 will behave exactly like they behaved every working hour of their everyday life : loitering on a lawn, waiting for someone to produce a cake they could come out of at the agreed-upon signal.


  1. Meanwhile rebranded "BlackLivesMatter" by their publicity agents at the behest of the music videos & advertisements producers in charge of the identity politics prime time news TV show (for intricate reasons to do with the complex but ultimately uninteresting inner metabolism of the International Populist Party). 

  2. Whore's still broken, by the way. 

4 thoughts on “Trump Now President, Ushered In By A Show

  1. I cannot just pass by your inexcusable underestimation of hippos. These bold animals deserve more respect. Mice would be fair.

  2. But mice are the symbol of the Libertarian Party and since this is a political activism discussion they have absolutely nothing to do.

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