Shinohai Shitcoin Roundup Xtend: VERified Mining Scam And More

Bitcoin Unlimited and Roger Ver ally GBMiners made rounds in the news this week, when a link was discovered between Amit Bhardwaj and Gainbitcoin, a "cloud mining" Ponzi scheme, which absolutely no one could have predicted. Qntra had previously reported on ViaBTC using the same scheme to prop up support for the "Unlimited" Bitcoin fork. Gainbitcoins promises a 10% return on their 1.5TH/s "mining contracts" priced at 1 BTC, which at currently network difficulty should produce and output of < 0.04 BTC per month. Evidence from a bitcointalk thread indicates Gainbitcoins is merely a regurgitation of the Hashocean scam.

A report by the Chinese CERT listed Ripple as one of the most insecure "cryptocurrencies" tested in a group. Other altcorns tested included Dogecoin, Dash, and everyone's favorite flaming-tire-in-a-shitpit, Ether. (archived)

"21co" CEO Balaji Srinivasan (WoT:nonperson) deleted all the tweets from his twitter timeline, leading some to speculate.

Litecoin added segwit support concurrent with an announcement from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong (WoT:nonperson) that activating segwit would be "good for Bitcoin" and hopefully draw a new segment of users back to their exchange after suffering problems due to an IRS investigation of its user base.

One thought on “Shinohai Shitcoin Roundup Xtend: VERified Mining Scam And More

  1. O hey cool, Litecoin can go all SegWit and show everyone how very useful that is. Just like Ripple/Ethereum showed everyone how very useful coin-contracts are.

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