Reminder: Hussein Bahamas Banned Iraqi Refugees By Executive Order In 2011

In 2011 first term United States President Hussein Bahamas quietly through executive order suspended the admission of refugees from Iraq for six months (archived).1) Beyond the press hypocrisy that one President's action is hate-crime (TM)(R) while an ex-President's action was a necessary National Security (TM)(R) measure, a fundamental contrast exists between the current and former executive's manner of executive action. Hussein Bahamas preceded executive actions popular with his constituency in months of debate and appeals to congress2 before cautiously wading into action while embarking on actions of substance in the shadows where they could spend years before receiving any attention in the mainstream media, if they received attention at all.

By contrast President Trump is engaging in executive action decisively, publicly, and according to the promises he made during the election winning campaign.

  1. A fact that was missed in mainstream media reporting until 2013 after the immediate threat which prompted the ban had passed. (archived 

  2. This in fact means that the legislature decided rejected the possibility of Hussein Bahamas queer ideas becoming law before Hussein Bahamas acted on those ideas.  

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