Trump To CNN Spammer: "You Are Fake News"

During a press conference on the measures he would take as President to divest himself of business related conflicts of interest by turning his business over to his adult sons and putting his remaining assets in a trust, United States President Elect Donald Trump was accosted by fake news reporters with salacious rumours.

The salacious rumors involve allegations the President Elect is being blackmailed over sexual perversions by Russia and were taken from a report prepared by a former British Intelligence official as opposition research for the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign. Reportedly a memo based on that report was presented to the President Elect as an example of disinformation, though the socialist leaning press is running with the report as Gospel.

Buzzfat published the allegations ahead of the press conference, after the allegations had apparently spent weeks circulating amongst the lamestream media who were all too chickenshit to pull the trigger on this wet dream of theirs. CNN immediately followed Buzzfat. By the end of the day the context for the allegations as sample disinformation had counterleaked and the liberal media's Chuck Todd was accusing Buzzfat boss Ben Smith of spreading fake news.

Thusly, the President Elect denied a spammer at CNN the chance to ask a question by saying:

You are fake news.

Pence in our time.

"Reputation" Base Altcoin Fails On Broken Function Before Launch

Gold spray paint could not hide the corn and semi-liquid shit innards of's Hacker Gold token (HKG) , an "experiment" that has seemed to have failed before proper launch . The whitepaper produced by this effort seemed they believed it more to be a wot reputation token of some sort, completely ignoring the stable wot already in place where it matters. A significant bug was found in the transferFrom() function, so now users are forced to trade one worthless coloured coin for another one that really fixes the entire thing, because Vitalik says so, honest. (archived) Stops Serving Adults has officially shut down its adult service page section as of Tue, with a link from the pages leading to a message regarding US censorship – hours before US Senate hearing on the site.

When browsing attempting to browse to any of the adult services section, one is greeted with this message:

The government has unconstitutionally censored this content. What happened? Find out
Protect internet free speech. Visit Center for Democracy and Technology, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Cato Institute.
Use your social media to support #FREESPEECH.
Donate to Children of the Night, an organization dedicated to rescuing children from prostitution.

The site has been attacked by the Senate morality police before, leading to a brief shutdown in 2010. Links to various statements from Backpage officials could be found under the sites media section.

Yet Another Bitcoin Anniversary

On this day in 2009 Satoshi publicly released the first Bitcoin client. It was a windows turd with a Wxwidgets interface. From this client was descended the reference client lovingly maintained by the Bitcoin Foundation, which runs on and may be statically built for any sane *nix operating system.1

  1. Support for windows builds were culled shortly after the Foundation assumed custodianship for the reference client. 

The Fourth Reich Grips Berlin

The definition of that kind of large scale theft called extraction goes something like,

A bunch of foreigners land on your shores, buy up some local chiefs, chop down your forests, rip the minerals out of your soil, enslave a few generations, and eventually go home, leaving their bastards in charge.

Such has been the sad fate of Germany for the past seventy years. The bastards are fully in charge, and the dormitory states occupying the historical territory of the Eastern Franks have been relentlessly producing — at the behest of their foreign masters and to benefit their foreign master's experimental curiosities — generation after generation of confused young men and women. Sad, shambling abominations bereft of anything substantial, their identity — cultural, political or personal — entirely not their own nor of their own making but instead the product of research in the exact sense of the term contemplated by Mengele.

With the withdrawal of US socialism from most of the world forced on by their self-inflicted economic collapse comes a very acute dilemma for most of the old colonies. Clearly, the socio-economic model predicated on extraction for the benefit of Washington and Washington alone can not continue in Germany. What, then is to be done ?

Will the great-grandchildren of the erstwhile bastards withdraw with the tide ? Will they go back home ? Oh, but they can't do that, there isn't enough food at home to satisfy the local important nobodies, precious snowflakes native to the capitol. Any scraps for the trough of distant cadet branches from the provinces are entirely out of the question.

Or have the great-grandchildren of the erstwhile bastards meanwhile sucked enough blood and sap so as to have turned into men and women, ready to stand on their own two feet and face what may come, whatever it may be ? Such wonder lays far past extreme absurdity — a human embryo, fed properly will over time result in a man or a woman, it is true, but no amount of blood allowed ticks, leeches or mosquitoes will produce as much as a goat, let alone a human being. The bastards don't have humanity in their genes, and so no, they haven't turned into anything. They'll be forever what they always were — if you're willing to believe it's good and right and proper all the better, and if not they'll call you names, but that's as far as it goes. No frog ever became a prince, whoever may have kissed it for as long as they cared to.

Once we've eliminated the impossible, whatever left, however improbable, must be the truth. So it is here : the bastards in control of Germany, taking as truth a ridiculous decoction of nonsense simply because they read it in Maryland's Volkischer Beobachter — which, to them, is what truth is and how truth comes — gathered together, casting aside any pretense of "parties" or "competition" and in one voice declared : should anyone make inconvenient truth known, they all to the last one agree to never mention this! Because yes, their duty, not to a history that isn't theirs, not to an identity they do not partake in, not to a German people they are imposed upon instead of coming from, their duty is to themselves and themselves alone : to make any flight of fancy anyone may print in Maryland a fact in Germany, a fact for Germany.

The cat is out of the bag : not German, not in any sense nor to any degree ; not even interested in fact and truth but fully dedicated to shared hallucination and collective flight of fancy. Should "Putin" and "hacks" expose inconvenient facts about any of the "competitors" in Germany's "electoral" contest, all the others fully agree and solemnly promise not to use it! Because yes, denying truth a platform is a working strategy and a workable approach to survival — they've read it, after all, in the same Beobachter they read everything else they believe and hold dear.

Will the German public stand for it ?

Weakened Kryder's "Law" kills Bit-company

Despite investment from the likes of Samsung, Pelion, DCM, First Round, Horizons, and Andreessen Horowitz, cloud storage provider Bitcasa CEO Brian E. Taptich announced on the now-defunct firm's webpage today (archived) that the firm had lost its bet on the unending continuation of Kryder's Law to power its growth by bringing its costs close to zero.

Over $22 mn in 2011 – 2013 turkey dollars1 was poured into the firm, which employed upwards of 50 staff at its peak in its efforts to offer unlimited on-the-go cloud storage for USD $10 per month. Under pressure from "abusers" of the service, Bitcasa dropped the unlimited storage offering and shifted to a more typical per-terabyte pricing strategy in late 2014, putting it directly in competition with better funded rivals like Dropbox, Box, and Google, and dooming it to failure.

There's no word on where former clients such as Hong Kong's Hutchison Telecom have turned to in their time of need, or whether Mr. Taptich has finally admitted to himself the poisonous mistake of taking bad money.

  1. This is a more important clarification than it may first appear. Consider that a dollar traded at parity with bitcoin in 2011 and was only about $100 for most of 2013.  

Sears Selling Craftsman Brand To Stanley Black & Decker

Sears1 is selling their Craftsman brand to the Stanley Black and Decker company. Craftsman was a brand in the greatest American sense of the word, a single label applied to any number of products made by any number of actual vendors to which the "Craftsman" label was applied. At times Stanley Black & Decker2 was the manufacturer of some "Craftsman" branded products.

Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong will likely lose the business of providing power tools to be sold under the "Craftsman" name as Stanley Black & Decker already has the ability to produce power tools. "Craftsman" outdoor power equipment is likely to continue being manufactured outside the Stanley Black & Decker family, provided Stanley Black & Decker cares to keep that line of business going.

Stanley Black & Decker will be paying Sears Holdings 525 million United States dollars now, 250 million USd at the end of 3 years, and a percentage of sales from "Craftsman" branded products for 15 years.

  1. The official retailer of when America was great, what again?  

  2. And Stanley before it merged with Black and Decker.  

"Fuck White People": Pack Of Native Chicagoans Torture Captive White Boy

Four native Chicagoans1 have been arrested after they abducted an handicapped white boy and tortured him while holding him in captivity for 48 hours. Video of the white boy's torture was broadcast on "Facebook Live" while the black Chicagoans shouted hate epithets including:

"Fuck White People!'


"Fuck Donald Trump!"

The Chicago police department is recommending hate crime, kidnapping, and battery charges in the case. The suspects did not cover their faces while broadcasting their racially motivated torture session.

  1. Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington and Tanishia Covington