Hussein Bahamas Commutes Sentence Of Chelsea (born Bradley) Manning

Hussein Bahamas today announced he would be commuting the 35 year prison sentence imposed upon Chelsea (born Bradley) Manning. The move likely to bring joy to LGTBQOMGWTFBBQ activists comes as former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and fellow USG secret leaker General James 'Hoss' Cartwright was offered a full pardon for his leakcrime.1 While Manning will still continue to be imprisoned until May, Hoss Cartwright with no known gender identity issues or special interest groups to appease is completely free of continued sanctions imposed by the criminal gang running the swamp. With only days before being replaced in office by the President Elect, Hussein Bahamas is clearly checking priviledge on his way out.

  1. Hoss Cartwright's leakcrime was an answer to the question "What the fuck is Stuxnet?"  

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  1. née is not an abbreviation.

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