First Wave Of Attorneys Challenges Trumpreich

Numerous leftist attorneys in the United States have for the moment shifted from ambulance chasing to airport sitting as they scour for test cases to attack Trump's executive orders concerning ingress into the United States. Hussein Bahamas appointee to the bench Anne Donnelly (WOT:nonperson) issued an order purporting by the media to stay a substantial portion of Trump's executive order while doing little of the sort. Much of the fake news media has taken to this development with nearly the enthusiasm they show for increasing leftist violence. Slate/WaPo/ legal commentator Dahlia Lithwick (WOT:nonperson) supposed:

Donald Trump has no idea how terrifying a blue book1 and a Lexis2 password can be. He’s about to find out.

This is a very bullish indicator for metaphorical popcorn futures.3

  1. Special undersized notebook used in US exams  

  2. Arcane subscription service used by US legalists to read the law as they understand it.  

  3. Actual corn futures continue to trade in the basement.  

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