Roger Ver Presents Presents "Bitcoin" Unlimited Mining Pool Goes Over On Blocksize, Gets Orphaned

Roger Ver's mining pool once again demonstrated its incompetence and total lack of knowledge regarding actual Bitcoin Monday by mining a block greater than 1 MB, valued at a total of 13.2 BTC in the process.1 The rest of the network quickly rejected the attempt to fork the network away from actual Bitcoin and ignored the buggy big block. Bitcoin Unlimited just released version 1.0.0 of their software, which was by and large untested, unlike the rigorous testing schedule and research that goes into therealbitcoin reference client. Disgraced former Bitcoin core developer Gavin Andresen shrugged off the news on twitter, the butthurt of his continual stream of poor decisions apparently still stinging. Sorry for your loss.

  1. A healthy ~0.72 BTC in fees were attached to the block.  

Reminder: Hussein Bahamas Banned Iraqi Refugees By Executive Order In 2011

In 2011 first term United States President Hussein Bahamas quietly through executive order suspended the admission of refugees from Iraq for six months (archived).1) Beyond the press hypocrisy that one President's action is hate-crime (TM)(R) while an ex-President's action was a necessary National Security (TM)(R) measure, a fundamental contrast exists between the current and former executive's manner of executive action. Hussein Bahamas preceded executive actions popular with his constituency in months of debate and appeals to congress2 before cautiously wading into action while embarking on actions of substance in the shadows where they could spend years before receiving any attention in the mainstream media, if they received attention at all.

By contrast President Trump is engaging in executive action decisively, publicly, and according to the promises he made during the election winning campaign.

  1. A fact that was missed in mainstream media reporting until 2013 after the immediate threat which prompted the ban had passed. (archived 

  2. This in fact means that the legislature decided rejected the possibility of Hussein Bahamas queer ideas becoming law before Hussein Bahamas acted on those ideas.  

First Wave Of Attorneys Challenges Trumpreich

Numerous leftist attorneys in the United States have for the moment shifted from ambulance chasing to airport sitting as they scour for test cases to attack Trump's executive orders concerning ingress into the United States. Hussein Bahamas appointee to the bench Anne Donnelly (WOT:nonperson) issued an order purporting by the media to stay a substantial portion of Trump's executive order while doing little of the sort. Much of the fake news media has taken to this development with nearly the enthusiasm they show for increasing leftist violence. Slate/WaPo/ legal commentator Dahlia Lithwick (WOT:nonperson) supposed:

Donald Trump has no idea how terrifying a blue book1 and a Lexis2 password can be. He’s about to find out.

This is a very bullish indicator for metaphorical popcorn futures.3

  1. Special undersized notebook used in US exams  

  2. Arcane subscription service used by US legalists to read the law as they understand it.  

  3. Actual corn futures continue to trade in the basement.  

Shinohai's Saturday Shitcoin Roundup Xtend Again: Tor, 21, and Buttfunex

Bitpay has suspended the account of the Tor project, citing "a number of higher risk transactions during our routine monitoring program" that led to the decision. Bitpay is allowing the account to remain open until Jan. 31 to allow the Tor project officials time to relocate their coins elsewhere.

Bitfinex alleges that some of the funds stolen by hackers in August are now being moved to various other exchanges, and is offering a 5% bounty to anyone that can help trace the funds back to the hacker(s). At the time of this article around 867 BTC had been moved.

21 co releases a "life-changing" app hailed across social media that allows anyone to get some Bitcoin by watching ads.1

An unknown hacker attempted to encrypt and hold the St. Louis Public Library network ransom for roughly $35K USD in Bitcoin, though library IT officials were able to regain control of the system and restore the network to a usable state by restoring from backups.

  1. As early as 2011 a venture describing itself as "Free Digital Money" did this same thing.  

US Activist "News Aggregator" Begins Celebrating Political Violence

Alternet, a news aggregator serving US Leftists involved in activism, in one of their rare pieces of original1 content celebrated an act of political mob violence against a presumed right winger (archived). The piece's author Ben Norton (WOT:nonperson) spent 11 short paragraphs vilifying the "Bad Swastika Man" before gleefully noting later that the man was later beaten and robbed after he was confronted by protesters.

This attack glorified by the American left follows a vicious sucker punching attack on local right leaning personality Richard Spencer. In a piece titled "Do Punch Nazis", Ari Paul (WOT:nonperson) writing for the Observer described the attack as "self defense" and attempted to justify further violence against the socialist left's political enemies with the purpose of spreading fear.2

The losers, angry that Trump won the election on Hussein Bahamas message of change, appear to be priming their followers for further violence of the sort that previously peaked in the 1970's. Coincidentally Russian interference in US politics had also hit a peak at that time and previous decades' of shipping export grade cultural Marxism to local schools had primed that period's activists to pursue violent revolution.

In the intervening decades, after Reagan and crack cocaine handicapped the left's storm troopers, leader's of the US left's terrorist organizations become the countries political elite (Culminating in the recent Presidency of Hussein Bahamas. ))3 while Russia traded socialism for nationalism and became "great again".

The trend likely to continue into the next decade is need to elevate the threat posed by antifa and rogue government actors4 when considering physical security measures for persons physically present in the United States. State actors remain the primary adversary model for cryptographic and technological security.

  1. As opposed to syndicated content. Alternet mostly republishes content from Salon, Mother Jones, and other leftist outlets.  

  2. Which is notably the very definition of terrorism.  

  3. A subject that merits further investigation.  

  4. And after the shrinking of the bureaucracy former government actors.  

First Days Of Trump Administration Feature Bold Leap Into Action

The newly installed Trump administration has begun the work of issuing executive orders following the theme of the President's campaign promises throughout this first week. Thanks to the increased discretionary power of the President's executive orders which grew tremendously under the Clinton, Bush II, and Obama Presidencies.1 Here is an incomplete sampling of the infant Trumpreich's executive actions:

  • Withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty drafting effort
  • Froze Federal civilian hiring
  • Expedited Environmental reviews
  • Withholding Federal Funds from "Sanctuary" Cities
  • Ordered the Homeland Security Department to proceed with the construction of what the Wall Street Journal referred to as a "large physical barrier" on the border with Mexico
  • Closed admission to the United States to "refugees" from a number of middle eastern countries

The issue of the US/Mexican border has been the source of considerable lulz after Trump hinted at a willingness to open NAFTA to renegotiation. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto reacted with over bullishness at this prospect early in the week enthusiastically supposing a minimum wage be paid on labor outsourced to Mexico.2 Nieto's move has since soured with the two presidents cancelling a planned meeting and the Mexican peso falling in the cancellation's wake. This vein is likely to continue to yield quality lulz with rumors and innuendo circulating that Nieto may be Nortiega'd if he remains uncooperative.

While these developments were happening the White House press office has been running an impressive Denial of Credibility attack against the mainstream press. Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been instrumental in luring self described reporters and their affiliated media concerns into masturbatory discussions about themselves in lieu of covering the administration they purport to be covering.

  1. Perhaps most notably in the power of the President to start a shooting war without Congress's assent as demanded by the Constitution.  

  2. A measure that surely would have been injurious to Stanley Black & Decker among other firms whose higher end product lines tend to be "Hecho en Mexico" as they lack the institutional capacity to handle Chinesium with the necessary finesse outsource all of their product manufacturing to Asia. 

Vessenes Gox Drama Continues

Peter Vessenes (WOT:nonperson) of the failed Vessenes' Phoundation and failed start up Coinlab continues to stir the drama pot as he holds out hope that a court just might award him a portion of the insolvent Gox's corpse. Such a move would naturally represent the first, last, and best revenue received by Vessenes venture which promised much and delivered nothing.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Up Amazing 16.64% (As Usual Another All Time High)

Bitcoin mining difficulty has adjusted to 392,963,262,344.3704, constituting a shocking 16.64% leap above the previous level; for context, only two adjustments during the preceding fiat winter had a larger delta. While the network is close to completing its third exahash, more blocks at this level are needed for a confident estimate.

Trump Now President, Ushered In By A Show

The group of professional protestors/performance artists formerly known as OccupyWallStreet1 closed! shit! down! earlier today in Washington DC.

A few dozen part-time waitresses / aspiring journalists took their designated places, under the heavy burden of a large collection of entirely spurious chains borrowed from their more successful older brothers, in a sparse line that would have ostensibly prevented very large hippos from crossing, if particularly mild-mannered beasts could have been sourced somewhere. Fortunately for everyone involved no large herbivores attempted to cross, perhaps owing to the happenstance that the two designated entrances were to be found at a considerable distance away from the volunteer amateur stage.

The free entertainment effort comes in sheer contrast to the declared politics of the IPP. After the defeat of their favourite pantsuited clown various voices were heard all around the IPP crowd decrying the bonanza of "free coverage" President Trump enjoyed during the election while cajoling each other and simultaneously promising each other to do better in the future. In marked defiance of all those loud proclamations, the Pussygrabber in Chief now enjoys the dubious offices of untalented leftist "artists" on top of the unpaid labours of verbose leftisht hacks.

That the arrangement was evidently negotiated in advance does not seem to bother any of the involved niggers ; the serious problems their spineless behaviour poses to actually upset and utterly unrepresented demographics they pretend against all sense and evidence to represent do not apparently occur to any of them. Who exactly thinks that having blocked an "exit" the winning move is to stop there rather than block the other two ? Who other than the actors hired to "block" the "exit", of course.

Apparently spending one's life working in clown suits and coming out of cakes does affect the brain, all protestations of "it's just a gig, it's not my life" aside. Who could have predicted that "doing it ironically" is still doing it, and who could have imagined that when push comes to shove the legions of Bozo the Clown and Crystal Gail Mangums2 will behave exactly like they behaved every working hour of their everyday life : loitering on a lawn, waiting for someone to produce a cake they could come out of at the agreed-upon signal.


  1. Meanwhile rebranded "BlackLivesMatter" by their publicity agents at the behest of the music videos & advertisements producers in charge of the identity politics prime time news TV show (for intricate reasons to do with the complex but ultimately uninteresting inner metabolism of the International Populist Party). 

  2. Whore's still broken, by the way.