Three Times As Many Electors Rejected Clinton Than Trump, Colin Powell Finally Draws Votes

The final count of Electoral votes in the United States Presidential election is TRUMP 304, Clinton 228, Colin Powell 3, John Kasich 1, Ron Paul 1, and Faith the spotted eagle 1. Several electors committed to Hillary Rodham Clinton attempted to vote for Bernie Sanders, one in Maine and a few in other states but their attempts were ruled improper and in the case of the Maine elector they changed their vote while other Sanders supporting electors were simply replaced with new electors.

Only two electors defected from Trump leading to the single votes for Ron Paul and John Kasich. All other successful defections came from the Hillary electorate including three in Washington State who voted for Colin Powell.1 It is unknown how much "Russian hacking" was required to get three times as many Hillary electors to defect then Trump electors.

  1. In the 1992, 1996, and 2000 presidential elections Powell floated as a Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate. During the 1992 election both parties courted Powell as a Vice Presidential candidate before he came out of the Republican closet. 

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