Shinohai's 2016 End Of The Year Shitcoin Roundup Xtend (TM)(R)

Bitfinex ends the year by a plague of bugs that cause balances to display improperly in their UI, possibly the result of using tokens to make users believe they actually own Bitcoin.

Coinbase has reportedly suffered a number of payment failures due to their use of Gavin Andresen's BIP70 implementation. The security researcher who discovered the bug presented a complicated workaround which could be avoided by ignoring Coinbase altogether and paying merchants from Bitcoin wallets one controls the private keys to.

La Superintendencia de Sociedades, a regulatory agency in Columbia, has declared Bitcoin illegal and says that the peso remains the only valid currency for any transaction. The Banco de la República has also stated that they are the only institution that can issue any form of currency.

A Scottish altcoiner named David Low, oblivious to the failure of Auroracoin, is certain his invention of Scotcoin will bring about independence from their Limey overlords. Mr Low, who plans on offering his altcorn to the Scottish government, has said new users can claim 1000 coins for free after which they may purchase more at the low, low price of £1.65 per thousand.

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