Shinohai Round Up Ready Shitcoin Crop (Spoiler: The crop is poo corn)

This is a Shitcoin roundup. These blips are caused by corn surfacing in the slow-boilng liquid shit that constitutes their essence.

  • Eth huffers continue to struggle to keep their coin from plummeting below  $7.50 USD in "value" this week.
  • Roger Ver continues seeking mining support for Buttcoin Unlimited  and the toppling of theymos so that he might gain control of reddit's r/bitcoin. Ver also made a $25k gift to to further boost his standing with the redditears and sjw's.
  •  Coindesk released a dismal "reader's choice" list of "influential people" in Bitcoin and "Blockchain". None of the persons listed were to be found in deedbot's WoT, the lone exception being The DAO hacker, who was voted #1.

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