Missouri State Representative Elect Bruce Franks Robbed At Gunpoint

Bruce Franks, elected to serve in the Missouri State General Assembly for the district including downtown Saint Louis, was robbed at gunpoint this week. The politician was sitting in his car outside the Schlafly Tap Room when two men opened his car door and relieved Franks of his own gun, his car, and his phones. Earlier this month Governor elect Grietens' wife was robbed while similarly sitting in her car on the other side of the city.

During his campaign Franks initially lost his primary race, but a new primary election was ordered after it was determined in court that operatives of the incumbent Penny Hubbard had engaged in voter fraud by abusing absentee ballots.

Local leaders had discussed in recent weeks raising tax money to build a new soccer stadium, but the Governor elect this week expressed his opposition to the plan. It remains to be seen how many more local leaders need to be robbed while sitting in their cars before the consider addressing the city's crime problem.

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