Grinch Netanyahu Deliver Christmas Scolding To Ambassadors

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned the ambassadors from all of the United Nations Security Council members in his country to scold them for passing a resolution which condemned Israeli home building practices. Earlier this week the UN Security Council voted 14-0 to condemn the Israeli practice of locating new residential developments inside contested areas within Israel's borders.

Normally such a resolution would have been blocked by the United States voting no, but Hussein Bahamas instead decided to having his representative simply not vote at all as he attempts to create the largest possible mess for his successor to inherit. What was good United States foreign policy the first 95 months of the Hussein Bahamas administration apparently stopped being good US foreign policy the 96th month.

And so on Christmas day the Prime Minister of the Jews harangued 111 ambassadors to his country because Hussein Bahamas suddenly decided to care where homes are built.

  1. Four potential scoldings were avoided due to the countries holding Security Council seats while abstaining from diplomatic relations with Israel.  

One thought on “Grinch Netanyahu Deliver Christmas Scolding To Ambassadors

  1. Nah, Netanyahu is pretty much Jewish Santa, possibly even the same one who brought me these sweet socks this morning.

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