GMO Superweed Approved For Commercial Sale In Waning Days Of Hussein Bahamas USDA

The United States Department of Agriculture lead by Hussein Bahamas appointee Tom Vilsack has approved commercial sales of a Roundup (TM)(R) resistant superweed developed by Monsanto and Scotts Miracle-Gro. The superweed is a genetically modified strain of creeping bentgrass capable of wind driven cross pollination with other wild and cultivated bentgrasses. Trial crops of this noxious weed escaped containment in 2003 with feral populations being discovered periodically through 2011.

In developing the current protocol for eradicating feral Roundup resistant bentgrass in Oregon, emergency approval was granted to apply a pair of controlled herbicides in irrigation canals and waterways.

Creeping bentgrass is a commercially important weed which is undesirable pest in crop fields and home lawns. This grassy equivalent of vermin however enjoys a small niche use on golf course putting greens though in many regions better alternative turfs are available.

Enjoy the fruits of your povertree.

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