Fake News Today: WaPo Works To Undermine Trump Election With Unsourced Assertions

Over the weekend the Washington Post along with Democratic party operatives Woodward and Bernstein worked to undermine the election of Donald Trump by asserting an "Intelligence source" with no name or agency affiliation provided saw proof of Russian interference with the election. This has been conflated by the Washington Post to mean the CIA decisively concluded that there indeed was Russian interference in the election.

The WaPo's mystery source further insists the Republican National Committee was hacked to in spite of a lack of any wikileaks or announced evidence of a hack.1

This is an early bullish indicator for a second Trump term in the presidency as the losing socialist party is set to expend its efforts trying to delegitimize the populist candidate instead of courting the working class whites they demonized and abandoned.

  1. While it is likely that both the US Democratic Socialist Party and US Republican Socialist Party are constantly being hacked by state level actors only one party's candidate and leadership had a notorious reputation before the election for disregarding any and all information hygiene recommendations. There is a limit on the secrets Arkencide can keep when you just keep information around wherever.  

One thought on “Fake News Today: WaPo Works To Undermine Trump Election With Unsourced Assertions

  1. It's not just Demokrats that are gunning for Trump, it's the other socialist party too. John McCain R-Ariz and Lindsey Graham R-SC are leading the bipartisan light brigade alongside Charles Schumer D-NY and Jack Reed D-RI on this whole "omgerd soviet haxzer" charade.

    If this is an early bullish indicator of anything, it's the portended gallows.

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