Chinese Altcoin Exchange BTC38 Serves 1.5 Million RMB Of Your Loss

Chinese altcoin exchange BTC38 has reportedly suffered an attack that resulted in a 1.5 million RMB (Appx. $220,000 USD) Sorry For Your Loss.

A post on stated:

“As a result of the server logic problems on 21st Dec, more than 10 million Bitshares, over 10 million NXT and some BTC/LTC were stolen from the exchange’s hot wallet (estimated total loss of 1.5 million RMB). We shut down the server immediately and stayed up all night to fix the problem. We have reviewed our wallet deployment plan and made new adjustments. We will take full responsibility for the total loss of the digital asset (market buyback).” The most important assurance is that all funds are safe in the hands of BTC38.
BTC38 explained the delay to calm down the market:“As we are currently redeploying the wallet, the service for certain coins will be resumed gradually.”

The hack comes on the heels of an attack earlier this year, in which BTC38's API keys were compromised, resulting in the exchange taking a lesson from the Vitalik Buterin playbook and "rolling back" trades. A security review was announced at that time time which apparently did little to prevent the latest breach. The exchange assures users that this time, however, the loss of hot wallet funds would not impact any customer balances.

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