Last Remains Of ChangeTip To Be Buried

Spam "Bitcoin" tipping service ChangeTip has finally decided to bury the rotting corpse of its company, months after most of it's employees were acquired by AirBNB.

Reddit user Nick_Changetip stated the following in their reddit announcement:

In the spring of 2016, ChangeTip’s employees were acqui-hired by Airbnb, where most of us work today. Since then, we’ve been searching for the best outcome for ChangeTip, and unfortunately the only remaining option is to shut it down.

At the end of November 2016, all tipping functionality will be deactivated, and the site will be put into withdrawal-only mode for people to collect their funds. The site will remain up for a number of months to allow users to withdraw their funds, and we will be reaching out to users to notify them.

We recommend you close your ChangeTip account. You may withdraw any remaining funds via BTC withdrawal, or you can donate your funds to Charity when you close your account from the settings page.

The move marks an end to the lulz that have graced the pages of Qntra on several occasions. Victoria van Eyk (WOT:nonperson) was unable to be reached for comment on the announcement.

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