18 Year Old Somali Child Killed By Police At The Ohio State University

An 18 year old Somali child was killed by police on the campus of The Ohio State University following a bias incident. The child drove a vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians before using a butcher's knife in an attempt to negate the innate priviledge they held compared to the 18 year old Somali child. Responding police officers failed to recognize the child was lashing upwards against priviledge and instead of compassionately empowering him, they transitioned him into being just another victim of police violence.

Pence in our time.

12 thoughts on “18 Year Old Somali Child Killed By Police At The Ohio State University

  1. Are you fucking retarded? Seriously, go get help.

    • I had no idea there's help avaialble for the retarded, but please leave the details of your helper because it evidently works.

  2. He drove his car into a crowd, and stabbed people with a fucking butcher knife, I think the police dealt with that situation rather well.

  3. What kind of lying, biased, bigot are you, Bingo Boingo, who refers to an 18 year old car driving terrorist man as a "child"?

    The police were perfectly right in shooting that bloodthirsty killer.
    Take your stupid lies and warped ideas of justice back to The Serene Republic of Somalia where they might be appreciated by some 30 to 80 year old children.

    • Can't you see that the poor Somali child was only trying to alleviate his unfair? I'm sure you can't imagine what it feels like to be surrounded by privilege, while longing to be just as privileged as everyone else.

      • Maybe he should have just called it kicking up dust.

      • I have no need to imagine being without, Mr. Olbermann. If that is your real name. I experienced it. That never ever caused me to want to kill anyone. It induced me to want to work harder for what I wanted for myself and my family. That is called "love".

        And it worked.

        Now go back to your Somalia and your real name and try working for a living. Oh! and stop pretending 18 year old adult males are children.


        • Not all 18 year olds are children, just the ones that dindu nuffin. These sainted pets of the USG since they are not culpable for anything are most certainly children under the law.

  4. Can't you all see this is the shit you libertards do?

  5. It's a sad day when OSU staff and upstanding defenders of our moslem brothers are asked to resign over their compassionate appeals. But that's just the kind of day it is today. #SayMyName #BuckshotStrong #BlackGirlsMatter

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