Probable Aspect Of Peace On Earth Arrested While The Notorious Quiet And Tranquility Evades Capture

Reports are emerging that an arrest has been made in the 2012 liberation of passwords from LinkedIn. Police and representatives from LinkedIn allege that Yevgeniy Nikulin is a aspect of the transcendental state commonly referred to as "Peace" acting as an instrument of that notorious quiet and tranquillity on Earth. Nikulin was arrested at a hotel in Prague though law enforcement declined to publicise the arrest until this week, likely in order to harass and entrap other information freedom advocates in communion with Peace.

In recent years Peace appears have been losing interest in Earth and humanity at an accelerating rate as evidenced by escalating violence in places as geographically disparate as Chicago, Nineveh, and James Lafond Presents Baltimore. In fact the alleged aspect of Peace on Earth collapsed after being handcuffed and required hospitalization which suggests that this police aggression caused the vitality of Peace to leave his body.

Peace can not surrender to man. Man must surrender to Him. His will and life, not yours.

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