Peace On Earth: AdultFriendFinder Data Liberated Again

Just in time for the coming holiday season, security news site sophos reports that Peace may still be amongst us despite reports an aspect of the notorious quiet and tranquility may have been arrested at the behest of the US government. In an interview with Motherboard last week Peace stated he was responsible for the latest AdultFriendFinder breach, and had given “everything, all [FriendFinder Network],” to other hackers. AFF confirmed this stating:

We are aware of reports of a security incident, and we are currently investigating to determine the validity of the reports. If we confirm that a security incident did occur, we will work to address any issues and notify any customers that may be affected.

Peace further stated to Motherboard that the current breach was accomplished by opening "a backdoor that had been publicized on the hacking forum Hell" The Russian language forum was the site where the data from the previous hack was listed for sale at a price of 70 BTC. Information to corroborate the veracity of his claims was sent to Motherboard, and was verified by an independent security researcher Dan Tentler (WoT:nonperson). Tentler said the files contained employee names, their home IP addresses, and SSH keys used for remote access to AdultFriendFinder's servers.

Him In Our Time.

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