October Reality Hits: Obamacare Premiums Spiking 25-116% In Last Annual Increase Before Election

With the mainstream media TRUMPeting the seeming inevitability of Hillary "Clitler" Rodham-Clinton's coronation insurers released their premium increases Obamacare coverage next year. Insurance on Obamacare exchanges is set to increase in cost from twenty-five to one hundred and sixteen percent in a development that nobody could have forseen. The extent to which an individual's Obamacare premium is set to increase is entirely dependent on their location. Further the number of jurisdictions1 in which "marketplace" health insurance coverage is only available from a single provider continues to increase. Enjoy your marketplace of one.

  1. Meaning in this case not which on of the fifty states, but which one of the numerous counties in a particular state.  

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