NSA Has A Booz Problem, A Special Roundup Xtend (TM)(R)

This past week an alleged major leaker of NSA secrets has been arrested with terabytes of the stuff in his home and car. Like Edward Snowden, this information hoarder worked for NSA under contract from Booz Allen Hamilton. Rather than exploring alleged events, this Roundup Xtend (TM)(R) will explore the nature of NSA's Booz problem.

  1. NSA failed to admit zher powerlessness over Booz and that zher life had become unmanageable:

    As a fiat organization NSA faces many deep structural problems which make zher powerless over Booz. One is that far less people meet the fiat standards of NSA employment than there is makework that NSA has to have done according to standards from fiat. These competing fiat declarations mean people have to be brought in from outside to do all the work. Second the "favor" economy traditional in the fiat system means these competing demands will be sustained in order to create work for Booz as this fatal insanity continues to afflict zher.

  2. NSA failed to believe a higher power could restore zher to sanity:

    If NSA were aware of the insanity which followed the effective surrender of zher will and life over to Booz Allen Hamilton, perhaps zhe could begin to have the smallest inkling of faith that a power greater than zherself and Booz just might be able to turn zher onto a path towards sanity.

  3. NSA has yet to turn zher will and life over to God as NSA understands it:

    Sitting at the top of the United States' "intelligence" community the NSA played the director in zher own life. As the play went on under NSA's direction zhe became more demanding while still being increasingly gracious in zher relationship with Booz. As NSA continued trying to exercise zher will in this manner zhe suffered ever more Snowden and now suffers Harold T. Martin. As zhe intensifies zher efforts zhe receives only more Booz and more problems.

    Through surrendering zher will and life NSA can find a new freedom and a new happiness.

Peace in our time.

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