Huffers At Ether.Camp Baking Next "Smart Contract For Your Loss"

Ether huffers are already working on their next large scale Sorry For Your Loss with a new type of "smart contract" that some are already calling "The DAO 2.0". The contract, dubbed "Hacker Gold" is sure to live up to it's name for would-be attackers, as some eagle-eyed users have already attempted to compile the code and found that it wouldn't. The creators at responded that the code on github "isn't the final version". The creators are hoping to raise 50 million US dollars in funds through an ICO and have reportedly been using sock-puppet accounts on reddit to manipulate threads in r/startups and others, in an attempt to generate buzz. The team has been mostly silent on the criticisms, apparently betting on the fact that if the initiative fails they can simply hard fork the coin and get everyone's money back like last time.

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