Hack Forum Kicks DDoS Vendors

Hack Forums, one of the oldest and most well-known forums of its kind on the internet, has announced it will no longer allow vendors to offer DDoS services or "server stress testing" for sale in it's services section, in part due to the attack that left many sites unreachable last week.

Forum admin Jesse "Omniscient" LaBrocca (WoT:nonperson) explained:

"I do need to make sure that we continue to exist and given the recent events I think it's more important that the section be permanently shut down,"

The forums had been under pressure from online security researchers who claimed that forum users were likely responsible for the recent spate of attack using the Mirai malware. The source code for Mirai first appeared on the forums on September 30th when user Anna-senpai released a copy for public consumption. Omniscient denied that the forums promoted using the services for illegal purposes and that much like other user-generated content sites, "The content ….. reflects the topics they are interested in discussing,"

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