Fractured GOP Experiences Coup Attempt

Various members of the old guard of the GOP, a minor socialist party in the United States, are in the midst of a coup to replace their party's nominee Donald Trump-Clinton with his vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. This coup is receiving substantial assistance from the mainstream media in that country including outlets which function as organs of that country's major socialist party.

Fuelling this coup was a vice presidential debate which was scored as a unanimous victory for Mike Pence, and the coup is substantially assisted by the release of an 11 year old entertainment media interview where Trump-Clinton bragged in a somewhat coarse manner about picking up women. The interview was never previously broadcast, and at the same time the interview leaked excerpts of speeches where Hillary Rodham-Clinton called for open borders and a single hemispheric "free trade zone" were leaked to little fanfare.

America should have voted for America when it still had the chance. Personalities over policies, it's the American way.

Update: The Washington Post's online magazine is already declaring victory in their openly declared war to keep Donald Trump-Clinton from spoiling Hillary Rodham-Clinton's turn in the Ova[sic] Office.

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