Ethereum "Come At Me Bro" Patch Attacked As Invitation Is Taken

Less than 24 hours after Ethereum developers boldly announced their come at me bro fix for the geth client, an attacker decided to come at them with yet another previously undiscovered attack vector. Pope Vitalik himself announced on reddit:

Basically, it's a quadratic attack where the culprit this time is a series of SUICIDE calls followed by a DELEGATECALL tower. SUICIDE creates dirty objects much more cheaply than any other opcode, and this creates a memory blowup. We have identified two possible fix strategies and are starting work on implementing them.

Ether huffers were quick to praise the efforts of their dear leader, while other users were quick to offer tips on setting up nodes on the parity platform. Parity is written in rust which has yet to be tested extensively, attackers having too many lulz watching the rats scramble scramble to plug holes on that sinking ship.

5 thoughts on “Ethereum "Come At Me Bro" Patch Attacked As Invitation Is Taken

  1. "bro"?


  2. Oh it's a quadratic attack is it. K then, clearly the huffers must be on top of things since they're doing so well at naming names!

  3. It looks like that their remediation strategy will be to HF. Which is actually nice due to two factors. First, it will enable even cubic :) attacks and second it will introduce a new way of altcoins development – HF every day.

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