"Covert" CIA Plan Makes Evening News

The centerpiece of tonight's episode of the "NBC Evening News" featured an exclusive look at a "COVERT" plan by the CIA to conduct a series of cyber attacks against Russia. The professed aim of these attacks is to embarrass Russian leadership with a particular emphasis on Vladimir Putin. No actual embarrassing has happened yet, but substantial information on the aims of the CIA attack were presented by NBC including the disclosure of private transaction records.

NBC also to a lesser degree covered the now quieting "pussygate" allegations against presidential candidate Donald Trump-Clinton following the candidate's substantial recovery in the polls. As the US presidential election approaches, it appears that next week's mainstream news cycle will be dominated by sitting president Hussein Bahamas abusing his "National Security" authority to advance the Hillary Rodham-Clinton narrative that Russian hackers are going to steal the election when a Diebold will suffice for that purpose.

All is fair in lulz and war.

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