US Business Emigration Today! A Special Edition Bayer Roundup Xtend

A number of transactions and announcement occurred today documenting the flight of business activity from the United States.

  • Monsanto finally surrendered their business to a bid from Bayer AG for 128 dollars per share in a cash transaction, pending regulatory approval. The purchase would merge the dominant agricultural seed producers firmly placing the future of United States agriculture in German hands. A present the two firms are independently the leading manufacturers of herbicide resistant crops. The number of persons too poor for trees1 is expected to climb.
  • Ford Motor Company announced they are moving manufacturing operations for all of their small cars to Mexico.
  • Surrogates for the major party candidates for the United States presidency continue clogging the mainstream press with arguments over which geriatric candidate is less decrepit in their old age as well as which candidate's non-profit "charitable" organization is less corrupt. Hilary Rodham Clinton remains on her third day of rest following this past weekend's health scare.

  1. Also known as living in a state of povertree.  

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