Thermos Becomes Pressurized Container

Bitcointalk admin Thermos (WOT:theymos) continues to feel pressure from disgruntled forum users with a recent post highlighting the frustrations of users who have poured countless Bitcoin into the scam waiting for results. Thermos stated later in the thread that "The forum money I held has largely been spent now", having paid around $100,000 monthly to an unknown friend of a friend of Greg Maxwell to develop the new EpochTalk software. Over $1.2 million USD has been poured into the project which he describes as being "entirely functional" at it's core, though users are still burdened with the original SMF software that is often subjects to bugs, hacks, and denial-of-service attacks. Theymos stated further in the post "There will be a public beta before the end of the month, I think" which likely means a delay of several more months before signature campaign spammers have a new home to post in.

One thought on “Thermos Becomes Pressurized Container

  1. The "recent post" you link to was from December 06, 2015.

    The public beta has been available for months at and seems to be mostly idle now.

    "at it's core" needs no apostrophe, and "is often subjects to" needs one less "s".

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