Social Engineering Bests Self Describe Securitist

An Austrian "cybersecurity researcher" was educated in the finer points of social engineering, after falling victim to a teenage redditard's Bitcoin scam. Christian Haschek agreed to give the kid $500 in Apple iTunes gift cards in exchange for nonexistent Bitcoin. Despite being a blogger on the subject of insecurity, Mr. Haschek never asked his attacker for a signed message to prove the existence of funds or his identity in the WOT. (archived) After having his identity traced through facebook, the stolen money was returned.

These lulz follow other not-quite-newsworthy trends this week, such as the arrest of 2 youths accused of social engineering their way into accounts of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials. (archived)

2 thoughts on “Social Engineering Bests Self Describe Securitist

  1. So many trilemas on this. One even called something like the problem of having 14yo kids in btc. The kid would mostly be the security expert in this case, but anyway.

    I can't even google and link. I'm on a > decade old Nokia thing, which is basically just a dedicated qntra reading device. Chokes on anything else, no matter how lightweight by current standards. Have to disable images to check trilema, even. :p

  2. Trilema is from the future.

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